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CGEE Locations


CGEE coordinates 50+ short-term programs each year in the following locations.  Together with you, we develop an itinerary that suits your course or interests.  From there, we handle all the logistics, from housing to translation to guided reflections.
Read the overview or inquire after review your location of interest:


Our programs are based in the capital city of Managua but often involve travel to Matagalpa, Esteli, the Atlantic Coast, and other rural areas.  Possible program themes:
  • Post-revolution and democratic transition
  • Health care
  • Alternative development models
  • Poverty reduction, economic growth, and human development
  • Women in post-revolutionary Nicaragua
  • Role of churches in peace, justice, sustainability, and rights for marginalized groups
  • Land tenure and agricultural issues
  • Plight of street/working children
  • Worker’ rights, fair trade, and micro-credit
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CGEE designs and delivers programming in both South Africa and Namibia. Most programs in South Africa focus on Johannesburg and/or Cape Town. In Namibia, programming can be done in almost any part of the country. The most popular areas are Windhoek, Walvis Bay/Swakopmund, Northern Namibia (Ondangwa and Oshikati), and Etosha National Park. Possible program themes:
  • Nation-building and reconciliation
  • Race relations and ethnicity
  • Sustainable development
  • Apartheid
  • Human rights
  • Ubuntu
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Through a collaboration with Partnership for Change, a historic partner of Augsburg College, CGEE is pleased to announce the beginning of customized programming in Myanmar, as of 2016.  Programs will be based in Yangon and the Inle Lake region. Possible program themes:
  • indigenous issues
  • conflict resolution
  • education
  • religion
  • environmental sustainability


Cuernavaca serves as a home base for our staff, but programming is also offered in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico City, Oaxaca, and Chiapas. Possible program themes:
  • Arts and culture
  • Trade, business, and political relationships between Mexico and the U.S.
  • Indigenous culture, rights, and spirituality
  • Politics and political movements like the Zapatista movement
  • Immigration and migration
  • Gender issues
  • Education
  • Health and alternative medicine
  • Human rights, poverty issues
  • Environment, agriculture, and sustainable development
  • Social Work
  • Religion and faith
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Our programs are based in Guatemala City and Antigua, but usually also travel to the highlands. Possible program themes:
  • Human rights – Indigenous rights, workers’ rights, and children’s rights
  • Land rights
  • Post-war transition and reconciliation
  • Eco-tourism
  • Mayan history and ancient civilization
  • Mayan spirituality
  • Education
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Our programs are based in San Salvador and usually include trips into rural areas. Possible program themes:
  • Political parties and civil society
  • Human rights
  • Gender issues
  • Environment
  • Continued relevance of the martyrs of El Salvador
  • Current role of churches and liberation theology
  • Post-war mental health
  • Democracy and citizen participants
  • Immigration and family remittances
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Cuba, the largest island in the Caribbean, provides its visitors a glimpse into a country filled with interesting political history and rich culture. CGEE  has been providing programming in Cuba since 1994, helping participants to learn about a part of the world that was inaccessible for decades.  Students will be captivated by the unique architecture, interesting neighborhoods, and informative museums, as they learn about the country and its very hospitable people.

Potential program themes could include:
  • Arts, Music and Culture in Cuba
  • The Cuban Revolution:  Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
  • Cuban Society Today:  Politics, Economics and Education
Join us for an amazing program of a lifetime that will enable you to learn a little bit of this unique Island, Cuba!

Because of certain government restrictions, programs in Cuba must fall within the following parameters:
  • We only work with academic groups of 8 or more whose participants are traveling as part of a credit-bearing course that counts towards their degree.
  • Customized programs are one to two weeks in duration.
  • Lodging is provided at the MLK Center guesthouse in Havana.
  • Excursions outside Havana are 1-2 nights to locations, such as Matanzas, Varadero, Cienaga de Zapata, Santa Clara, or Viñales.
  • All participants must complete CGEE online registration and Certification of Travel to Cuba under a General License at least four months before departure.
  • Full payment of program fees must be made at least four months before departure.
  • Daily schedule is not finalized until two weeks prior to arrival in Cuba.

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Our programs to Costa Rica generally include time in the capital city of San Jose as well as a rural component or travel to a nature reserve. Possible program themes:
  • Ecotourism and the environment
  • Sustainable development
  • Health and education as a human right
  • Migration