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Spring Semester 2021 Information

CGEE will post updates at this page for our own study center programs, available to both Augsburg students and visiting students. If you have any questions regarding our spring 2021 in-country programming, send us a message at: 

Flex Programming for Spring 2021 Semester

We are optimistic and hopeful that we will be able to run our spring 2021 programs as usual. However, information changes almost daily in regards to COVID-19 as well as individual countries’ responses and plans for it, and as such we feel compelled to plan for all possible scenarios. With this in mind, we will use our new "Flex Programming" model that we hope will present more flexibility while also giving students concrete answers in a timely manner.

Session Dates

Session 1: January 11 – February 26, 2021
Session 2: March 1 – April 30, 2021

How does Flex Programming Work?

Each semester program will be split into two session times. CGEE will prepare to have both sessions delivered in-person, online, or a hybrid. Each participant committed to the program will be enrolled in both sessions, and will complete 16-20 credits of coursework, per a usual semester program, regardless of the delivery method.  

When will we know if the program will be in-country or online?

By November 1st, we will give the final decision on whether or not session 1 will be in-country or online. By January 5th, we will give the final decision on whether or not session 2 will be in-country or online. 

Learn more about our plans for Flex Programming semester:

Finances & Refunds

Students who voluntarily withdraw up to 14 days before the program’s official published start date will receive a full refund of the program fees, including the non-refundable deposit. 

Health & Safety During COVID-19

We our cautious but optimistic about our ability to resume in-country programming in spring 2021. We have been working closely in each country where we operate with our experienced local staff on protocols for safely resuming programming in the spring 2021 semester. You can review our protocols in the document: Safety and Security for In-Person Semester Programs During COVID19 for more in-depth information (this document will be updated as more information is added). The protocols set forth in this document were developed in consultation with an epidemiologist and expert in global public health from the Augsburg University faculty and are informed by the recommendations of the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), and health authorities in the host countries where CGEE programs occur.