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Coronavirus Updates

Updated July 30, 2020

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In-Person Semester Programs – Spring 2021

In-person semester-long programming will resume in spring 2021, when we will introduce Flex Scheduling. (Download the quick points!)

Whether in Latin America or Africa, Flex Scheduling will divide your spring semester into two sessions, with the mode of instruction for each session determined by public health conditions at your program location. The current plan is to run the entire spring 2021 semester in person at all CGEE locations. But in the event it isn’t possible for CGEE to start your program in person, whether because of COVID itself or because of COVID-related travel restrictions, we will deliver Session 1 online. You will still be part of a discrete learning community, and you will still interact directly with local people on site, though the engagement will be virtual. Then, halfway through the semester, assuming conditions have improved, you can fly to your program location and we will deliver Session 2 in person. 

Regulations and other factors affecting international travel are changing with unprecedented speed, and semester programs span several months. With traditional scheduling, a decision to suspend travel in the spring, a decision that must be made by November 2020, would impact your ability to be abroad all the way into the following May. Flex Scheduling—dividing the semester in two—offers the possibility of second chance to travel if it turns out that your spring program spring must begin online.

Flex Scheduling is superior in another way. It allows us to do scaled pricing, which means that you will pay only for the services and experiences you end up having. If one or both of your sessions should need to occur online, your total program cost will be significantly less than if both sessions occur in person. You will not, in other words, have to pay for food and lodging you aren’t receiving or for excursions that aren’t happening.  By contrast, with conventional pricing, a single cost is charged, based solely on the number of academic credits being delivered. See the Spring 2021 Flex pricing sheet for Non-Augsburg students for scenarios and cost tiers. Students from outside institutions must inquire with their home study abroad office on tuition policy pricing. Augsburg students, you will receive a personalized cost estimate sheet for the program of your choice, and will pay regular Augsburg tuition - see the flex pricing sheet for Augsburg students.

Finally, Flex Scheduling allows us to give you a guarantee: If it turns out that neither Session #1 nor Session #2 of your program can occur in person, you will be able to participate in a 12-day trip to your program site free of charge when travel is possible again. (August 2021 would be a likely slot for such a trip.) The only thing you’d have to pay for is airfare. All field expenses—food, lodging, ground transportation, field excursions, emergency medical insurance, and materials—would be covered.

Read our FAQ on "Flex Scheduling"

Individual Online Courses

To meet the continuing need for international experiential education during COVID-19, CGEE is offering a large and diverse suite of online courses in 2020–21. Topics include intercultural communication, theories of social change, global frameworks on gender and politics, comparisons of U.S. and South African civil rights movements, and much, much more.

Students taking these courses will participate in interviews and live discussions with prominent local change makers and movement leaders. Learning will occur within a context of critical analysis and both group and individual reflection.

See CGEE’s Online Experiential Learning page for the courses available.


Online Courses with the Playwrights’ Center

Fall 2020 marks the launch of a groundbreaking partnership between Minneapolis’ Playwrights’ Center (PWC), the Augsburg Theater Department, and CGEE to deliver online courses in playwriting and other mediums. PWC is one of the nation’s most renowned theater organizations, and courses will be taught by leading playwrights from around the country. 

See our Playwrights’ Center Courses page for more information, including how to apply.


Customized International Programs

CGEE continues to plan, and accept proposals for, short-term customized programs in December 2020 and beyond with partner colleges and universities and other external institutions. Programs that are still going forward or are currently being developed comprise all CGEE locations—Mexico, Central America, Cuba, Colombia, Southern Africa, Italy, and Palestine.

See the CGEE Customized Programs page for more information, or contact our director of customized programs, Peggy Johnson ( 

 If you have any questions, please contact our CGEE Risk Manager, Margaret Anderson, at the following number: +1  612-330-1685.

For additional questions, please see our "Frequently Asked Questions on Coronavirus (COVID-19)".

Additional Contacts at CGEE

To manage the spread of COVID-19, Augsburg University's physical campus has reduced operations to meet federal, state, and local guidelines for social distancing. But CGEE staff are available and ready to talk with students or advisors virtually!  Many staff members can meet by phone or online via Zoom. If you would like to be connected to a CGEE staff member, please email us at: 


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