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After Your Program

Transitioning back home
Returning home can be a challenging transition—many returnees  report feeling like it was MORE difficult than going abroad in the first place.

Remember these resources: 

Maximizing Study Abroad
What's up with Culture? - Module 2: Welcome Back! Now What?

Also please know we are here to talk with you about your experiences and brainstorm new and exciting ways to continue your experiences, either here at home, or abroad again. Feel free to make an appointment with any of the staff or just drop by to say hi! We would love to see you and hear about your experience. 
Study Abroad Evaluation
It is important for us to know what you thought about your program as well as the overall experience of studying abroad. This helps us determine if programs should continue to be approved and if there are improvements we can make to the advising process or how we work with other offices on campus. Please fill out the online evaluation form:

Begin the Study Abroad Evaluation
Interact with your fellow study abroad alumni - Re-entry event September 1
Lots of Auggies have studied abroad just like you - many were gone the same term you were and are going through similar transitions. Others have been back longer and can tell you it gets better. Join us for our Spring study abroad re-entry event next term on Thursday, September 1 at 4:30 in the Marshall Room -  we'll have fun and food, reflection on your experience, and a chance to talk with other students!

More information can be found at our Facebook Page
Spread the word - #AuggiesGoGlobal!
Had a great time abroad and want to scream it from a mountain top? Perfect - here's some ideas of things you can do for us:
  • Table on campus with study abroad information and flyers
  • Volunteer for the Off Campus Studies Fair
  • Write a reflection on your experience to post at our blog
  • Share with us your photos - we'd love to post them at our social media sites, or use them around campus for flyers for special events
  • Talk about study abroad in your classes and at your student organization meetings - ask if you can give a formal 5-10 minute presentation to your peers
  • Other ideas welcome!
If you would like to help spread the word on campus about study abroad, please contact Maren Stoddard Mack!

Intern, volunteer, or work at an organization with an international focus

The Twin Cities is home to numerous organizations that serve to local immigrant communities or have an international reach.  You could be an ESL tutor, mentor newly-arrived refugees, promote human rights, advocate for environmental justice, tutor immigrant youth…the possibilities are many! Contact the Strommen Center for Meaningful Work to get started on researching these types of opportunities - or check out their International opportunities for Work, Intern and Volunteer Abroad. The Sabo Center for Democracy and Citizenship is another Augsburg resource for you to get involved with the community here in the Twin Cities.