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Augsburg CGEE programs strive to create an intentionally diverse community of co-learners in which a variety of cultures and backgrounds is represented. Toward this end, we offer scholarships for students who belong to historically disadvantaged groups, and additional scholarships for those that share in our mission of social justice advocacy.

The following are brief descriptions of the eligibility for students attending Augsburg CGEE’s own programs. You can click on each to read more about the scholarship and to apply.
Name of Scholarship and Application Link Information
A with CGEE ColorInclusion and Access Scholarships Application for Inclusion & Access Scholarship For individual students participating on an international CGEE semester or summer program to Mexico, Central America, Northern Ireland, or Southern Africa. Scholarships will be awarded to students with financial need who identify from a group of persons that is traditionally underrepresented in study abroad, and a student that is a supporter of social change.
A with CGEE ColorGroup Scholarship Customized Programs Application for Customized Group Scholarship For groups traveling on a customized short-term CGEE program. Groups should match at least one of the following criteria: (1) Anticipate a large group of underrepresented students on your program (students of color, LGBTQ+, first generation students, etc.); or (2) Programming is focused on social justice in some form; or (3) Anticipate a large number of high financial need students. 

Lois Swenson Group Grant for Seminaries
Application for the Lois Swenson Group Grant for Seminaries For Seminary groups traveling on a customized short-term CGEE program. 

New Partner Group Grant
Application for the New Partner Group Grant For New Partners traveling on a customized short-term CGEE program, with preference given to groups that travel to the new CGEE location in Italy.
In the table below, we have listed national study abroad scholarships and searches that we urge all students to view. We have also created a searchable scholarship spreadsheet to various scholarships found around the web, which we hope Auggies can use when looking for study abroad funding.
We hope you find these resources helpful as you plan for your off-campus experience!
Other Notable and National Scholarships and Search Engines for Study Abroad Funding Information
Gilman Logo 2019 Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program Established by the International Academic Opportunity Act of 2000. This scholarship provides awards for U.S. undergraduate students who are receiving federal Pell Grant funding at a 2-year or 4-year college or university to participate in study abroad programs worldwide.
Bored Awards Logo David L. Boren Scholarship Learn more about the Augsburg process The U.S. government administers the National Security Education Program (NSEP) scholarships for undergraduates who will specifically pursue the study of languages and cultures currently under-represented in study abroad, especially those critical to the U.S. national security.
Fund for Education Abroad Logo The Fund for Education Abroad (FEA) Offers scholarships to undergraduate students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents.  FEA prioritizes undergraduates who are least likely to study abroad, and considers financial need, demographic factors, and academic plan and preparedness to decide scholarship recipients.
Hawkinson Scholarship Logo Vincent L Hawkins Foundation for Peace and Justice The goal of the Vincent L. Hawkinson Foundation Scholarship is to encourage students who have already demonstrated a commitment to peace and justice to strive for peace and justice both in their educational pursuits and in their personal and professional lives. Hawkinson Scholarships are awarded annually to undergraduate or graduate students who are a resident of or currently attending school in Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota or Wisconsin.
Diversity Abroad Logo Diversity Abroad (Scholarship Search) Diversity Abroad was founded to ensure that all students are aware and have equal access to study and travel abroad opportunities. The mission of Diversity Abroad is to increase minority students’ participation in study and travel abroad programs.
First Trip First Trip Scholarship (for first time travelers) First Trip seeks to increase accessibility and diversity in study abroad by alleviating inequitable barriers for college students to travel abroad for the first time. Awards are available for students traveling abroad for the first time to eligible destinations (see website for details). 
DIWC Logo Diverse International Women of Color Fund Diverse International Women of Color’s mission is to inspire, encourage and promote opportunities for women of color to travel abroad, experience different cultures and broaden their horizons beyond the United States.
Asia-Pacific Academic Logo Asia-Pacific Academic “APA To You scholarship” APA believes that international programs can broaden students’ perspectives by adapting to the globalized world by experiencing an intercultural study environment. Therefore, APA offers various scholarship programs to create opportunities and enable more students to study abroad in Asia-Pacific.
  The Japan America Society of Minnesota (JASM) Mondale Scholarship The Japan America Society of Minnesota (JASM) will award the Mondale Scholarship to undergraduate students enrolled in Minnesota colleges and North Dakota State University who want to broaden their knowledge of Japan through a combination of study and travel. Former Ambassador Mondale has continually promoted a deeper understanding of Japanese business, government, culture, and language among corporate leaders and employees in America. The Japan America Society of Minnesota is proud to have this opportunity to assist Minnesota/North Dakota students in their quest for a study experience in Japan since 1998.