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For Augsburg Advisors

Advising Resources - What to do when your advisees want to study abroad/away

Augsburg students have many unique opportunities to study abroad internationally, and to study away in the USA. Students will need to discuss with you their plans, and will utilize the "Course Planning and Preliminary Approval Form" to discuss their course choices in advance. We advise most Augsburg students to choose from one of the following three program types:

(1) Augsburg CGEE Study Center
These are Augsburg’s own semester programs in our Mexico, Central America, and Southern Africa locations. These programs offer Augsburg courses, award Augsburg credit, cover a wide range of General Education requirements, and have special scholarships for Augsburg students. 

(2) Exchange Program
Augsburg has exchange agreements with universities around the world  for semester or year-long programs that offer credit across all majors, minors, and interests. Students will receive transfer credit for courses taken on these programs. Augsburg students automatically receive special scholarships on these Exchange programs.

(3) Short-term Program (Augsburg Faculty-led)
Our short-term programs are developed and led by Augsburg faculty members across a range of disciplines. Programs vary from year to year, and are excellent programs for students wishing to have a short-term global experience with a community of Augsburg faculty and students.

(4) Other Options (Affiliate Programs)
If students cannot find a program that satisfies their academic needs across those three program types (over 30 unique programs available), please have the student follow the Steps to Study Abroad/Away.  We welcome students to visit the CGEE Study Abroad & Study Away Advising Office in the lower level of the Christensen Center so that we may guide them to an approved-affiliate program.

Affiliate programs are approved by CGEE based on a variety of criteria such as academic rigor, curricular match, sound health and safety practices, affordability, and excellence in intercultural and experiential learning.  

Request a Class Visit

Would you like us to come into your class or visit your department to talk about study abroad at Augsburg? Please complete our online class visit request. A study abroad representative will follow up with your request and will schedule a visitor for your class. 

Leveraging Technology to Bring International Resources into US Classrooms

CGEE faculty and staff are bringing our resources and networks into US-based classrooms!  The international context is only an internet connection away in many cases.  CGEE has successfully hosted a Moodle discussion on microfinance, conducted a live phone interview with a Nicaraguan beekeeper, and moderated an interactive blog on Mexican social work issues.  We are currently developing an online library of CGEE resources that can be virtually infused in US classrooms. If you would like to bring our international faculty and our community partners into your classrooms virtually, please contact Leah Spinosa de Vega, Director of Global Initiatives.

Export Controls

In order to ensure compliance with export controls, it is critically important for University personnel to identify activities that may trigger export controls. When export controls apply, individuals must take the appropriate steps to obtain any required governmental licenses, monitor and control access to restricted information, and safeguard all controlled materials. It is the responsibility of the individual, not the University, to ensure that all export control compliance is met. Information on export controls may be on the government website.