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Before You Go

Auggies: Get Started Here! Click on each section below to expand and learn more about each topic.

1. Watch an Information Session

• Our online info session will give you an overview of how study abroad works at Augsburg: planning, finances, scholarships, academics and more. You can watch the online information session at any time, and go at your own pace. 

2. Research Programs

We recommend Auggies start with the Quick Program Finder, to learn about the types of programs available, including the recommended Augsburg programs: Augsburg CGEE Programs, Exchanges, and Short-Term.

Other research methods:
• Use the advanced search tool to find programs by locations, program styles, academics, + more!
• Make an appointment with a study abroad/away advisor: email us at  
• Watch our videos to help you find your program: 
  • Part 1 Finding your program (12 mins) - ‚ÄčIn Part 1 of this Finding your Program video, you'll ZOOM in on your priorities while OPENING your mind to the many options available. Use our worksheet to document your process and get ready to compare programs.  
  • Part 2 Finding your program (13 mins) - In Part 2, you'll explore the program types available to you, identify the most critical questions you need to ask, and learn the next steps in finding the right program for you. Use our worksheet to document your process and get ready to compare programs.  

3. Discuss with Others

Talk with your faculty and staff advisors about how courses that are offered fit into your major and other requirements (see Course Planning and Preliminary Approval Form). Also consider talking with family members and mentors about your personal goals and finances, or other advisors you might work with (such as CLASS or TRiO advisors) about finding the program that best supports you. Contact us at with questions!

4. Apply by the deadline

Applying online is easy—just click “Apply Now” on the programs’ online brochure and follow the checklist provided. There is no obligation or cost to start an application, so you’ve got nothing to lose! The checklist will prompt you how and when to complete all the steps of the application by the deadline.

I want to go abroad... Application Deadline
Spring Semester 2024 October 1, 2023 (exchanges) & November 1, 2023 (CGEE Study Centers)
Spring Break 2024 short-term programs November 1, 2023
Summer 2024 short-term programs January 31, 2024
Fall Semester 2024, Academic Year 2024/25, or CGEE summer programs 2024 March 1, 2024

5. Go!

Check out the pre-departure requirements on our Accepted Students information page. You’ll need to get your passport, attend mandatory pre-departure orientation, and start packing! You’re off!

Augsburg CGEE Programs
Augsburg CGEE Programs in Africa, Europe, and Latin America are rooted community-based experiential learning focusing on issues of Peace, Justice and Social Change.  These programs offer a variety of courses which satisfy general education and language requirements, in addition to courses for majors and minors in many majors such as Communications, Languages & Cross-cultural Studies, History, Political Science, Religion, Social Work, and more.

Augsburg’s exchange universities in the U.S. and abroad offer semester study options. Courses available for most majors, and take your courses in English or other languages! 

Short-term Programs
Take a course with an Augsburg professor that includes a 1-3 week travel component in Winter, Spring, and Summer! Programs change each year, are offered in various locations around the world, and often satisfy gen ed and major/minor requirements.

Global Affiliates (summer only)
Looking for something else? Global Affiliate programs are available in the summer and offer a wide range of experiences in locations, program types, course options, and majors that our own study centers and exchanges don't offer.
Information Session Recordings Available here: 

For semester programs and general information:
View a recording of the semester info session online any time!

For Short-Term programs led by Augsburg faculty, watch the short-term Info Sessions:
Part 1:  Getting Started with Short-term Programs
Part 2:  How to Apply to Short-term Programs
Part 3:  Cost & Billing for Short-term Programs
Advising, Pre-departure & Choosing a Program

(1) How do I know if I am eligible to study abroad?
Augsburg students who have completed their first year (or transfer students who have completed at least one semester), and who are also in good standing are eligible to study abroad/away. You should also check your program of interest for additional eligibility requirements such as GPA minimums, prerequisites, etc.

(2) I have a complex academic workload, can I still study abroad?
Yes! Augsburg approves over 200 programs that vary in length from one week to one year. The program offerings also have courses that fit nearly every student. Students with complex schedules or academic plans might find that a two-week program during summer might be a good fit, for example. Schedule an appointment with an advisor to discuss your options and review your academic needs and plans.

(3) I don’t speak any languages besides English, can I still go abroad?
Yes! Most programs have all or some course offerings in English. Studying abroad is a great chance to start or continue learning a language, though, so if you want to study a language, our office can help you find a program with language course options.

(4) Will all of my credits from abroad transfer back to Augsburg?
If you study abroad on a CGEE Study Center program or any Augsburg short-term program, you'll be taking Augsburg classes  - so they will appear as usual, you will get a grade, and the classes will factor into your GPA.
If you study abroad on an affiliate program or exchange program, your credits will transfer to Augsburg. You can meet a requirement with your courses, but the grade you get will not be calculated into your GPA. This also means you must earn a C- equivalent grade to earn the credit and meet a requirement. Failed courses abroad will not count toward your graduation requirements at Augsburg.

Financial and Cost Questions

(5) Can I use a payment plan to pay for my study abroad?
Yes. Study abroad/away charges are processed through the Augsburg Student Financial Services offices. If you want to set up a payment plan for your semester abroad, contact

(6) Am I able to work and earn money on my study abroad?
No. In nearly all cases, students studying abroad are not able to work abroad--this is a common restriction on student visas. However, Augsburg Sabo Center LEAD Fellows are able to do their paid internships on the Augsburg CGEE Mexico and Augsburg CGEE Namibia semester programs. Make an appointment with a study abroad advisor to learn more about this, and for information about the LEAD Fellows program, visit

(7) Can I use my VA benefits to study abroad?
Yes. However, the VA Benefits process can be a bit complicated, so early planning is recommended. Schedule an appointment with a study abroad advisor to get additional details about program and benefits approval.

While Abroad

(8) Can I visit home during my study abroad?
Sure, that’s probably fine. Augsburg does not restrict your movement on your program abroad. However, the schedules of the many study abroad/away programs differ, so you should check with your program to see if there are any travel restrictions or recommendations, such as waiting until a break period.

Other Question Not Listed
Email us at with your questions! We will gladly answer your question, and add it to the FAQ section for future students! 
Please use Navigate to schedule an appointment with a study abroad advisor.