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Returning Home

Welcome Home

Welcome Home!
We hope your semester abroad was a rewarding and enriching time for you. Reentering the U.S. after such an experience can be both difficult and exciting. We hope you are adjusting, and that you have some people around you who understand and support you, and who want to hear what it was really like.

We encourage you to be extra patient with your family and friends who have not shared your experience. It may not be easy for them to understand what you have experienced. Also, please be gentle with yourself as you try to integrate the experiences, learnings, and feelings of this past semester. It takes time.

Augsburg students: grades may be accessed through you Augnet account per usual.

For non-Augsburg students, transcripts are sent electronically via Parchment, a digital credential service that issues, receives, and shares credentials in simple and secure ways. In most cases the transcript will be sent to your study abroad office or registrar's office. You can use Parchment to request your own copy for college/grade school applications, scholarship or fellowship applications. Subsequent transcript requests will be charged a fee of $7. Request transcript.

After grades have been reported (late-December for fall semester and late-May for spring semester) the Augsburg University Registrar's Office will access your account have your grades sent to your home institution. The first transcript will be sent free of charge.

If there is still a balance on your account, your transcript cannot be released until that balance is cleared. 

Questions about transcripts can be sent to Margaret Anderson at 
Reading & Web List
Here are a few suggestions for readings that may assist you with the reentry process:
  • Brubaker, Cate. The Re-entry Roadmap: Find Your Best Next Step After Living Abroad. Thinking Travel Press; Third Edition, 2018.Knell, Marion. Burn Up or Splash Down: Surviving the Culture Shock of Re-Entry. Authentic, 2007.
  • Storti, Craig.  The Art of Coming Home.  Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 200
  • Check out the “Welcome Back! Now What?” module of the “What’s Up with Culture?” site – it helps students prepare for their reentry transition and reflect on their intercultural experiences and learning.
Share Your Experience
You can share your experience in multiple ways:
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  • Use #AugsburgCGEE or #CGEE on your posts
  • Share your travel blog with us. Email us at with your posts and blog URL.
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