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About Augsburg CGEE Customized Programs

Since 1982, CGEE has customized international programs throughout the world for hundreds of organizations and institutions.  We work with university faculty and staff, religious institutions, non-profit organizations, and others, to select the topic and we work with your organization to create an engaging, community-based experience.  Most are one-to-three weeks in length, but we have experience with longer-term programs as well. 

Types of Programs Available
  • Short-term faculty-led programs, scheduled in conjunction with interim sessions, break, or summer
  • An entire term abroad in a single or multiple countries (CGEE faculty abroad can also teach courses in your own institution’s program)
  • Faculty development programs customized for an institution’s teachers
  • Professional development programs for groups seeking to internationalize their community/workforce or increase intercultural understanding
  • Short-term, fully-customized seminars for faith communities, alumni groups, NGO’s, non-profits, secondary schools, and various other groups interested in exploring international and intercultural issues

CGEE Provides:
  • Tailored programs: We adapt to your thematic interests or curricular needs
  • Community engagement: Groups have access to a variety of field experiences and guest lecturers that build on our long-term relationships in each community
  • All-inclusive programming: CGEE coordinates just about every aspect of each program, including excursion planning, liaising with local experts/guest speakers, meals, lodging, translation, and transportation.  CGEE is also able to assist with program promotion.
  • Experienced leadership: CGEE leaders accompany groups for duration of program and facilitate reflection sessions throughout in order to deepen the learning CGEE customizes programs to fit many academic disciplines, including history, political science, economics, business, nursing/medical, social work, literature, music, engineering, math, religion, law, gender and queer studies, sociology, leadership, education, and ESL.
  • We encourage you to view a sample list of past programs and sponsors in order to better understand the diversity of programs we can coordinate and customize.