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CGEE Student Stories

Hear from fellow students about how their identities were perceived while abroad, how it affected their study abroad experience, and advice they have for others. Please understand that each individual's lived experience will be unique to them and the location they studied in, and may not necessarily reflect how you will feel abroad. However, we do hope these videos will help you prepare for your semester abroad by beginning to think about culture, place, and privilege while traveling. 

The following five interviews were filmed on location at CGEE Mexico. You may choose "closed caption" for subtitles to appear on each of these videos within YouTube. 

Student Videos & Interviews

On Being Mexican-American Abroad
Woman looks up at a sign reading Augsburg University #314 against a yellow background
On Being African-American Abroad
A sitting woman smiles with large pyramids in the background
On Being Asian-American Abroad
A man sits on a couch with panel windows behind him
On Being Non-Traditional Age Abroad
A man wearing a white hat sits on a rock with a rocky nature scene behind him
On Being Queer and Mixed Race Abroad
Tiffani Panel Photo
On Being a Black American in Namibia
Aliyah panel photo
On Being Muslim-American Abroad
A close up of a smiling woman's face while she holds a hat on her head
On Being Chicana in Mexico
Samantha with the Mexican Flag

Additional Articles and Stories from CGEE

A reflection paper written by Mina Himlie, on her experiences being Asian-American in Mexico. 

Racism as an Emotional Health Hazard: Studying Abroad as a Student of Color (p.7-9)
  • Co-written by CGEE Mexico Site Director, Ann Lutterman-Aguilar and Augsburg graduate and Mexico semester participant, Marquell Moorer. 
The Study Abroad Rollercoaster: Reflections on Racialized Experiences in Mexico (p. 13)
  • Written by Augsburg graduate and Mexico semester participant, Marquell Moorer. 

Want to Share Your Story?

Would you like to share your unique identity and how it shaped your study abroad experience? Email Lucy at