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Staff : Cesar Acevedo

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Cesar Acevedo

Central America

El Salvador and Costa Rica, Program Director 

César is the site coordinator in El Salvador and works with programs in Costa Rica and elsewhere.  He was born in El Salvador and as a youth participated in the Christian Base Community movement and other social movements. In 1982, due to the political repression, César and his family were forced to leave El Salvador. He lived in exile in Canada until returning to El Salvador in 1993. In Canada, he maintained close contact with the situation in El Salvador, primarily through his work with the El Salvador Ethno-cultural and Humanitarian Society and the Salvadoran Base Christian Community in Exile.

Prior to working for CGEE, César was youth educator for FUNDASIDA, the Salvadoran National AIDS Foundation. His work entailed training youth promoters in HIV/AIDS issues, including transmission and ways to avoid AIDS, human sexuality, gender roles, and self-esteem. He also has worked with Sister Parish in El Salvador and with organizations in Canada working on refugee resettlement.

While in Canada, César received a Social Work Diploma from Grant MacEwan College and has worked as a social worker. He recently concluded his studies in Latin American Social Work at the Salvadoran Lutheran University. He completed his thesis on the process of reinsertion of Salvadoran deportees from the United States. In 2012 Cesar completed two years of a Master's Program in Political Science at the Central American University (UCA). He has begun working on his thesis: Political Culture of Salvadoran who had lived outside the country and had returned.