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Staff : Maria Fernanda Soto Joya

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Maria Fernanda Soto Joya

Central America

Fernanda Soto Joya is a Honduran/Nicaraguan anthropologist. She earned her PhD from the University of Texas at Austin. Soto has conducted research among mestizo and indigenous communities in the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua and Honduras.  Her work has focused on issues of political identity, political memories, land rights, and territorial governance. Of particular relevance for her is the analysis of how narratives of gender, racial, and class inequalities are deployed and embodied when remembering the past or defending rights in the present.

Fernanda is an Instructor and Project Coordinator for Augsburg CGEE in Central America.

  • “The Revolution was so many things” (forthcoming). In 'A Nicaraguan Exceptionalism? Debating the Legacy of the Sandinista Revolution'. Institute of Latin American Studies. School of Advanced Study. University of London.
  • Ventanas en la Memoria (2011): recuerdos de la Revolución en la frontera agrícola. Managua: Editorial UCA.
  • Coauthor: Larson, Anne; Soto, Fernanda (2015) “The Challenge of ‘Territory’: Weaving the Social Fabric of Indigenous Communities in Nicaragua’s Northern Caribbean Autonomous Region”. Bulletin of Latin American Research.
  • Larson, Anne and Soto, Fernanda. (2008) “Decentralization of Natural Resource Governance Regimes”. Annual Review of Environment and Resources.