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Augsburg Propose an Off Campus Course

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Any course with an overnight off-campus (domestic or international) component, must be approved through Academic Affairs (AAC/GAAC, CGEE) prior to offering the course.  Augsburg faculty can propose an off-campus program by using our online application system and submitting a proposal.

Programs typically require 12-18 months of advance planning in order to ensure a successful well-recruited program.  The Center for Global Education and Experience (CGEE) encourages faculty to keep this in mind during the program development stage and suggests meeting with CGEE and your Department Chair (or Dean, if you are a current Department Chair) with this timeline in mind prior to submitting your program proposal documents.

The deadline for the program proposals is October 15th. If the deadline falls on a Saturday or a Sunday, the proposal will be due the following Monday. Proposals must be submitted and approved at least one year in advance of the proposed program date. The programs can be proposed to run for one academic year or for two academic years.