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This is a listing of all the featured programs in the program catalog. You can view the brochure for any of these programs by clicking on the program name.
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Augsburg CGEE in Central America: Social Change in Central America: Exploring Peace, Justice, and Community Engagement
Managua, Nicaragua; Quetzaltenango, Guatemala; San Jose, Costa Rica

Terms: Fall Semester, Spring Semester
Description: Explore the life and culture of the peoples of Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. Improve your Spanish language skills while living with families in the Guatemalan highlands (5 weeks). Study the role of the church within the situation of polit ical[...]
Augsburg CGEE in Mexico: Migration, Globalization and the Environment | Spring Semester
Cuernavaca, Mexico

Terms: Spring Semester
Description: This is an intensive program that explores issues of migration, immigration, and globalization. It is ideal for students who are interested in working with Spanish-speaking populations in the United States, as it includes intensive Spanish langua ge[...]
Augsburg CGEE in Mexico: Crossing Borders: Gender and Social Change in Mesoamerica
Cuernavaca, Mexico

Terms: Fall Semester
Description: In this experiential, community-based program, students will cross borders constructed by language, nationality, race and ethnicity, gender, sexuality, socioeconomic class, religion, politics, and economics. Students are immersed in various Mex ican[...]
Augsburg CGEE in Mexico: International Business and Global Citizenship
Cuernavaca, Mexico

Terms: Fall Semester
Description: Today's business leaders are increasingly well-served by a global perspective.  Gain your international experience in Mexico, the business capital of Latin America and the United States' third-largest trading partner.  Improve you r[...]
Augsburg CGEE in Mexico: Language and Culture in Mexico
Cuernavaca, Mexico

Terms: Summer
Description: CGEE in Mexico offers two seven-week summer sessions (3.5 week sessions are also available) focusing on Spanish language and Mexican culture in which students can take two courses per session, with the option of enrolling in both sessions. This c ommunity-based[...]
Augsburg CGEE in Mexico: Social Work in a Latin American Context | Spring Semester
Cuernavaca, Mexico

Terms: Spring Semester
Description: The Social Work in a Latin American Context program was jointly created in 2003 by a collaboration of CSWE accredited social work programs in the Minnesota/South Dakota area.  The program satisfies the curriculum requirements for the BSW deg ree[...]
Augsburg CGEE in Southern Africa: Nation Building, Globalization and Decolonizing the Mind
Johannesburg, South Africa; Windhoek, Namibia

Terms: Fall Semester, Spring Semester
Description: Students learn about historical and present-day challenges in creating national identity, an inclusive multi-party democracy, and a model for development. Studying Namibia and South Africa’s model and approach to such issu es provides[...]
Augsburg College - River Semester
Minneapolis, United States; New Orleans, United States; St. Louis, United States

Terms: Fall Semester
Description: Early Application--Apply by Dec 15 for $750 discount. Spend 4 months traveling the length of the Mississippi River from Minneapolis to New Orleans by canoe, bus, boat, and train Conduct field research on topics such as stream ecology, [...]
Augsburg College Exchange: American College of Greece (Exchange)
Athens, Greece

Terms: Academic Year, Fall Semester, Spring Semester
Description: Located in Athens, and originally founded in 1875 Smyrna, DEREE - The American College of Greece is the oldest American accredited college in Europe and the largest private institution in Greece. ACG is an independent, coeducational community of a ta lented[...]
Augsburg College Exchange: American University of Beirut (Exchange)
Beirut, Lebanon

Terms: Academic Year, Fall Semester, Spring Semester
Description:   About AUB Founded in 1866 as the Syrian Protestant College, the American University of Beirut (AUB) predates the founding of the Lebanese nation by over 80 years, and is today a selective, secular teaching university of the first ra nk. [...]
Augsburg College Exchange: Hong Kong Baptist University (Exchange)
Hong Kong, China

Terms: Academic Year, Fall Semester, Spring Semester
Description:  HKBU Application Procedures 1st (Fall) Semester 2014-15.doc
Augsburg College Exchange: United International College (UIC), China (Exchange)
Zhuhai, China

Terms: Academic Year, Spring Semester
Description: Study at China's first Liberal Arts College--United International College--Located in Zhuhai--a city of approx. 3 Million people in Southern China's Guangdong Province. With over 4,000 students, twenty undergraduate majors are offered by thre e[...]
Augsburg College Exchange: iCLA Yamanashi Gakuin University | Sakaori, Japan (Exchange)
Sakaori, Japan

Terms: Academic Year, Fall Semester
Description: Yamanashi Gakuin was founded in 1946. Today, it is a comprehensive educational institution that includes a kindergarten, elementary school, junior high and high school, junior college, university and two graduate schools. Yamanashi Gakuin Universit y[...]
Augsburg International Partner/Exchange: Advanced Marketing at Harstad University College | Norway
Harstad, Norway

Terms: Fall Semester
Description: HARSTAD UNIVERSITY COLLEGE--Advanced Marketing   Harstad University College enrolls approximately 1,100 students, which allows for a friendly atmosphere where students receive individualized attention.  The modern campus, completed in [...]
Augsburg International Partner/Exchange: Arcada University | Finland (Exchange)
Helsinki, Finland

Terms: Fall Semester, Spring Semester
Description: ARCADA UNIVERSITY Arcada University is a vibrant, innovative institution with about 2,000 students. Fifty nations are currently represented in the student body, giving the school a truly international atmosphere. The university recen tly[...]
Augsburg International Partner/Exchange: Bergen University College | Norway
Bergen, Norway

Terms: Fall Semester, Spring Semester
Description: BERGEN UNIVERSITY COLLEGEBergen University College with 6500 students is one of the largest colleges in Norway.    In addition to classroom learning, the school provides international students with a "buddy" and arranges trips and spec ial[...]
Augsburg International Partner/Exchange: Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences | Norway
Oslo, Norway

Terms: Fall Semester, Spring Semester
Description: Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences is the largest state university in Norway with more than 16,000 students. The main campus is conveniently located in th e[...]
Augsburg International Partner/Exchange: Sogn og Fjordane University College | Norway
Sogndal, Norway

Terms: Fall Semester
Description: SOGN OG FJORDANE UNIVERSITY COLLEGESogn og Fjordane University College with approximately 2,800 students is one of Norway's 26 state colleges.  The campus is located in the western town of Sogndal, on the shores of the famous Sogne Fjord.  [...]
Augsburg International Partner/Exchange: Volda University College | Norway (Exchange)
Volda, Norway

Terms: Fall Semester, Spring Semester
Description: VOLDA UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Volda University College in Volda, Norway has 3000 students including about 150 from 30 different countries.  It specializes in training teachers, animators and journalists.  The school offers  international [...]
Augsburg MAL Program in Nicaragua
Managua, Nicaragua

Terms: Intl Risk Management
Description: ** The deadline for this program has been EXTENDED to April 8, 2015, and the program is now open to all graduate programs, including PA, MAE and MAL. About the Course  His Holiness the Dalai Lama, in Ethics for the New Millennium, makes a [...]
Augsburg MSW - Social Work and Social Welfare in Asian Context
Hong Kong, China; Singapore, Singapore; Zhuhai, China

Terms: Summer (Faculty-led)
Description: Come experience this exciting opportunity to explore social work practice in China and Singapore. Students will visit various social service agencies in order to compare and contrast social work practice in the US and these two countries. Students wi ll[...]
Augsburg Nursing Program - Ancient Healing Practice in England
London, United Kingdom

Terms: Intl Risk Management
Description: **This program is only available to Augsburg Nursing students who have already confirmed their participation with the department.**  To sign up, click Apply Now above. You'll need to choose the term "International Risk Management 2014- 15" Welcome[...]
Augsburg Nursing Program - Daily Life and Healthcare with Old Order Amish
Neillsville, United States

Terms: Summer (Faculty-led)
Description: DESCRIPTION:   This practicum will explore how the Old Order Amish negotiate their daily lives in the midst of modern society. The Amish live according to beliefs that go back to a sixteenth-century Protestant movement in Europe. The Amis h[...]
Augsburg Nursing Program - Day of the Dead
Oaxaca, Mexico

Terms: Short-term Fall
Description: PRACTICUM-RITUAL & HEALING AMONG INDIGENOUS PEOPLE CELEBRATE THE DAY OF THE DEAD IN OAXACA, MEXICO OCTOBER 28—NOVEMBER 5, 2015 Participants are immersed in ancient traditions honoring the ancestors. El Dia de los Muertos [...]
Augsburg Nursing Program - Harmony
Harmony, United States

Terms: CGEE Programs
Description: Program Description While partnering with members of the Older Order Amish community near Harmony & Canon, MN, this program examines the professional and folk care systems, patterns of health, and community strengths and resources within the c ontext[...]
Augsburg Nursing Program - Sylvan Lake
Custer, United States; Rapid City, United States

Terms: CGEE Programs
Description: Practicum: Orientation to the DNP Program at Sylvan Lake, SD.
Augsburg Nursing and Music Therapy - Southern Africa
Johannesburg, South Africa; Keetmanshoop, Namibia; Windhoek, Namibia

Terms: CGEE Programs
Description: Program Description This program emphases transcultural leadership in partnership with communities, as well as the power of community. Participants experience the strengths and resiliency of local communities as they struggle to access cultura lly[...]
Augsburg Short Term - Copenhagen Real and Imagined: Literature, Film and the City
Copenhagen, Denmark

Terms: Summer (Faculty-led)
Description: Program Description In this two-course program, explore the dark side of the happy city of Copenhagen through literary, sociological, and cinematic.  Access the artistic heart of the city by immersing yourself in the real-life locations of Haml et,[...]
Augsburg Short-term: Justice & Equality: Grassroots Movements in Nicaragua
Managua, Nicaragua

Terms: Winter Break
Description: Course options HIS 195 or INS 233 Prerequisites  Fulfills   • Augsburg Experience      • Humanities LAF      Faculty Leader Michael Lansing Travel Dates& nbsp; January[...]
Augsburg Short-term: Pottery and Mayan Spirituality in Guatemala
Antigua, Guatemala; Chichicastenango, Guatemala; Guatemala City, Guatemala; Panajachel, Guatemala

Terms: Winter Break
Description: Course options REL 205 or ART 100 Prerequisites  none Fulfills   • Augsburg Experience      • Fine Arts LAF • Search for Meaning II  (formerly REL 200) • Honors Residency&nb sp;    Faculty[...]
HECUA Art for Social Change: Intersections of Art, Identity, and Advocacy
Minneapolis, United States

Terms: Spring Semester
Description: Learn how the arts can create choice, change and connection in a nationally recognized center for creativity and community.  Description What is art for? Who is allowed to be an artist? Where do you find art, and what happens when it finds [...]
HECUA Community Internships in Latin America (CILA)
Quito, Ecuador

Terms: Fall Semester, Spring Semester
Description: ?Description Ecuador is a country of dramatic contrast in nearly every sector: social, political, economic, and geographic. Based in Quito, the Community Internships in Latin America (CILA) program weaves together a semester-long, project-based in ternship,[...]
HECUA Democracy & Social Change: Northern Ireland
Belfast, United Kingdom

Terms: Fall Semester, Spring Semester
Description: Description What are the root causes of the Northern Ireland conflict, commonly called "the Troubles"? What progress has been made towards building a sustainable peace? In a country where imposing peace walls still separate historically [...]
HECUA Environmental Sustainability: Science, Public Policy and Community Action
Minneapolis, United States

Terms: Fall Semester
Description: Description These four linked semester courses reveal the dynamic interplay between ecological and social change. Coursework is interdisciplinary and discussion wide-ranging, pulling from field observations, conversations with community partners, [...]
HECUA Inequality in America: Policy, Community, and the Politics of Empowerment
Minneapolis, United States

Terms: Fall Semester, Spring Semester
Description: Examine the growing gap between rich and poor in the United States.  Gain concrete change-making skills through internships and discussion with effective activists.  Description In America today, the wealthiest 160,000 families own as mu ch[...]
HECUA New Zealand: A Shared Future, Culture, and Environment
Wellington, New Zealand

Terms: Fall Semester
Description: Description New Zealand has long been at the forefront of innovative social, cultural, and environmental practices. In this program students get to know the people, places, and ideas that have driven developments such as truth and reconciliation pr ocesses[...]
HECUA Race in America Then & Now: "Post-Racial" Prespectives on the Civil Rights Movement
Jackson, Mississippi, United States

Terms: Summer
Description: Description Many people in the U.S. and around the world have seen the election of President Barack Obama as a sign that racism in America is a thing of the past. America, it is said, is now a "post-racial" society, and has [...]
HECUA The New Norway: Globalization, National Identity, and The Politics of Belonging
Oslo, Norway

Terms: Fall Semester
Description: See Scandinavia in a new way–as vibrant, diverse and complex.  Explore how globalization and immigration are reshaping Norwegian identity.  Description Prosperous and egalitarian, Norway is known for its highly developed welfare t ate,[...]
HECUA Writing for Social Change: The Personal, the Political, and the Power of the Written Word
Minneapolis, United States

Terms: Fall Semester
Description: Description Writing for Social Change is based on the longstanding tradition in Western culture of using literature as a tool for social critique, as a means of calling for social change and justice, and as a tool for social transformation. [...]

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